How to Insert Emoji in WordPress?

Emoji are the pictograms used in modern conversations to express emotions instead of writing long words. For example, people use the most popular face with tears of joy emoji? to express happiness filled with pleasure. The popularity of the smartphone makes it a common practice for Singapore Business Fax List people to use emoji as shortcuts for many words. The Unicode Consortium, a non-profit organization, manages the technical specifications for emoji. Applications like WordPress use this specification and allow users to insert emoji on their website. In this article, let’s explore in more detail how to insert emoji in WordPress websites.

WordPress and Emojis

WordPress introduced emoji with version 4.2. Emoji are similar to text characters that you can insert in WordPress like any other app. This basically means that displaying emoji on your WordPress site just depends on the browser and platform you are viewing. WordPress 4.2 docs WordPress 4.2 docs Additionally, WordPress also offers a setting to convert text emoticons to smileys or emoji. Insert Emoji in WordPress The good part is that you don’t need any additional plugins to insert emoji in the WordPress site. Depending on the situation, you can use one of the following methods: Use built-in emoji apps on Windows and Mac Copy and paste emoji from your documents or other online websites .

Insert Emoji

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Use text emoticons to insert simple smileys In all these methods, make sure to use the latest versions of WordPress with the Gutenberg block editor. You can insert emoji in any text box like title, heading, paragraph or list. 1. Insert Emoji in WordPress on Windows 10 PC If you are using a Windows PC or laptop to create a WordPress site, follow the instructions below. Place the cursor where you want to insert emoji. This will open the emoji panel on the Windows 10 computer. Type the keyword emoji, for example type “pizza” to filter pizza emoji. Click on the emoji to insert on your website. Finish your content and publish the article. View website in browser to check emoji. Remember that the emoji panel will only work in Windows 10 and not with earlier versions of Windows.

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