How to Make Cash Offers Door

I had just made him a cash offer. He owed $85,000 for the house, and by the calculations, $85,000 was the best I could do. I had started by reminding him of the challenges he had to go through, how escaping his situation Slovenia WhatsApp Number would be a real victory. Then I offered him $85,000. And he just laughed. It was frustrating, disheartening and I even felt a little dirty – like I was trying to scam someone. But that’s not the truth. The same way Sears, Taco Bell, and Starbucks sell goods for more than they buy, you and I buy houses and then turn them to profit. We run a business, after all. Still, we hope to help people along the way. Heck, you ‘ve probably helped a lot of people.

Offers Reasonable

If you ask a prospect, for example, “Do you want to sell your house?” you’ll probably get a somewhat stunned “Um. Yes.” (they called you, didn’t they?) But if you ask “How soon do you need to sell your house?” you will get more details about the seller’s situation and why he wants to sell. Better yet, “Why are you interested in selling your home?” gets to the heart of the matter and provides you with valuable insights into… How motivated is the seller to get rid of his house quickly? Exactly why they want to get rid of it And even what type of offer they would be likely to accept based on their level of motivation (for more on this, ask them directly:

Change the Seller

Slovenia WhatsApp Number
Slovenia WhatsApp Number

“How much do you expect to get for your house?”) How to make questions about cash offers by call (image source) The better you understand your prospect and their situation, the better you will be able to sell them the offer you will make later. Beyond all the due diligence questions you’ll need to ask the seller about their home, needed repairs, etc., here’s a helpful list of questions you can use to better understand the seller. If I make an offer to buy your house as is, what is the minimum you would be willing to accept? Why do you want to sell your house? How soon do you need to sell your house? What is the most frustrating thing about your current situation? Related content:

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