How to Make Your Online Real Estate Marketing Play

A whopping 75% of marketing budgets place their bets online – Facebook ads, PPC, content marketing and SEO, leaving only 25% of budgets to invest in offline marketing – direct mail, bandit boards, business cards and South Korea WhatsApp Number calls telephone. Which begs the question… Is online marketing better than offline marketing? Although we would like to say “correct” (we are a SaaS company, after all), we think that would be dishonest. For many of our wonderful members, offline marketing strategies such as direct mail, driving to earn money, cold calling, and bandit boards are the difference between a dying business and a thriving business.

The Myth of Online

The big myth about online marketing and offline marketing is that they are totally separate. You can send a direct mail campaign that doesn’t impact your Facebook ads, and you can create business cards that don’t impact your website. Conversely, you can run Ad-words or Facebook ads that won’t impact offline relationships, and you can build a website that won’t influence your direct mail campaigns. Or so the thought goes… (If only human beings were so simple) No. The truth is that offline marketing and online real estate marketing are sides of the same coin, slices of the same bread, countries on the same continent.

Create Instant Credibility

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They are connected – completely and irreversibly influence each other. How, you ask, do they influence each other? And, more importantly, what should you do about it? Let’s do a quick thought experiment. A thought experiment on the interdependence of online and offline marketing (image source) Imagine you are on the phone with someone. A prospect – a motivated seller who has expressed interest in the service you have to offer. But they are of course a little hesitant to trust someone they have just met.You do your best to build trust over the phone and move the process along. Luckily, in this case, the whole deal is done and you win $10,000.


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