How to Manage Disputes in Paypal?

PayPal is one of the largest online money transfer platforms. You can use it as an individual or a business to send and receive payments worldwide. PayPal offers a protection program to protect you from online scams. You can use this protection to raise a dispute and get your money Macedonia WhatsApp Number List back within 60 days of purchase. In this article, we’ll explain how to manage disputes in the PayPal Resolution Center and close open cases. Let’s take an example. You have hired a freelancer to design your website and paid them a deposit to start work. However, the freelancer did not complete the work on time or did not start the work at all. In this case, you can raise a dispute in PayPal to withhold payment from the freelancer and get your money back.

Selection of the Type of Dispute

For example, in the freelancer example above, you can select “I didn’t receive an item I purchased” if you didn’t receive the final designed website. Alternatively, you can choose “I received an item not as described” if the website design does not meet your specifications. Submit a dispute Select the appropriate dispute type for your case and proceed to the next screen. Here you need to fill in the problem details and attach a screenshot if needed. Be sure to explain the problem with proof that the item was not received or was not delivered as ordered. Fill in the dispute details Fill in the dispute details Click the “Submit” button to send the dispute to the person who received money (seller) from you. Dispute submitted Dispute submitted PayPal.

Dispute Received From Buyer

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Macedonia WhatsApp Number List

Dispute Resolution Center PayPal will handle the dispute and send the details to the seller for clarification. You can view the current status of your dispute and the responses in the Resolution Center. View Status in Resolution Center View Status in Resolution Center At any time, you can click on the dispute and view the latest status or send additional details to the seller. If there is no response from the buyer, you can escalate to PayPal within 20 days of opening the dispute. Dispute closure Now that you have raised a dispute and there is little possibility to close the issue. The seller has agreed to refund the money – in this case PayPal will automatically close the dispute You received the money outside of PayPal or agreed with the seller to close the case – open the issue in the Resolution Center and scroll down.

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