How to Manage Multiple Worksheets in Excel?

Microsoft Office applications are a lifeline for many of us in day-to-day life. Regardless of education, professional background, and ethnicity, apps like Bangladesh B2B List Excel have stood out for decades. While it’s simple to use Excel spreadsheets to create lists, charts, and tables, learning a few tips and tricks can save you a ton of time. In our previous article, we discussed how to improve productivity in Excel and in this article, let’s explore the tricks to manage multiple worksheets in one Excel workbook. Related: How to Create Data Validation in Microsoft Excel? Work with multiple worksheets in Excel Every time you open an Excel application, it opens a new workbook with a name like “Book1”. In a single workbook, you can have multiple sheets for different purposes. You can refer to sheets as spreadsheets or spreadsheets.

Coloring Worksheets in Excel

By default, all worksheets in a book have the same white background color. When you have multiple worksheets, applying different background colors to the sheets can help you remember what type of content you have on each worksheet. You can also use the sheet colors for various other purposes like keeping all completed tasks in a green sheet while pending tasks are under a yellow or red sheet. When you are in a workbook, right click on the sheet. Hover over “Tab Color” and choose the color from the visual color picker. Coloring Excel worksheets Coloring Excel worksheets You will see a slight background change on the sheet as you work on it.

Hide and Show Sheets

Bangladesh B2B List
Bangladesh B2B List

However, when you move to the next sheet, you can see the full background color of the other sheets. You can remove the applied color by right-clicking again and selecting the “Tab color > no color” option. Color sheet when highlighted Color sheet when highlighted Color sheet when not highlighted Color sheet when not highlighted 2. Hide and show sheets You probably already know that you can hide or show workbooks from the “View  Hide Show” menu. Similar to workbooks, you can also hide or show worksheets to increase the visibility of important sheets in your book. Right-click on the sheet and select the “Hide” option to hide a sheet. Use the “Control” key to select multiple sheets one by one. You can also use the “Shift” key to select multiple sheets as a block and hide them at once.

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