How to Properly Configure Automatic Optimization

Autoptimize is one of the popular plugins to speed up your WordPress site. There are over 1 million active installs of these plugins with an average rating of 4.7 from 1K+ users. It cannot be wrong that so many Poland B2B List people install and use this plugin to optimize their site. However, you need to ensure that the configuration is correct for the plugin to work for you. Related: Top 8 caching plugins for WordPress. What does automatic optimization do? First, you need to understand that Autoptimize is not a caching plugin like WP Rocket or W3 Total Cache. It is an optimization plugin that allows you to do the following things: Combine all CSS and JavaScript files Minify compressed files and hide them, also minify HTML by removing comments and spaces Add expiration header to files to.

Automatic Optimization

Automatize is one of the easiest plugins to configure. After installing and activating the plugin, go to the “Settings Automatic optimization” menu. It has the options to optimize JS, CSS, HTML and images on your site. This tab has several options for separating and optimizing the files on your site. Automatize will aggregate and minify your theme and plugins scripts, CSS and HTML. Therefore, choosing certain options can damage your site, especially if you are using a j Query-based theme. JavaScript Options Optimize JavaScript code – Enable this option to minify JavaScript files. This will compress and reduce the size of script files on your site. Aggregate JS files? – enable this option to combine all JavaScript files and the server asynchronously when loading pages on your site.

Css Options

Poland B2B List
Poland B2B List

This will help you to remove render blocking script issue in Google Page Speed ​​Insights tool. However, in most cases this will damage your site. The best option is to enable it and provide the exceptions so the page can load without breaking. But it will cause render blocking issue in Page Speed ​​Insights. You can disable this option and only enable “Optimize JavaScript code” to shrink only files. Also aggregate JS online? – we recommend disabling this option when your theme or plugin injects many scripts dynamically. Enabling this option may cause cache size to grow faster and larger, affecting performance instead of improving it. Force JavaScript in good practice is to load JavaScript files in the footer so that they load at the end of the page load.


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