How to Record Calls on Skype

Microsoft has just launched a feature that will be useful to a very large part of its users. It is now possible to record calls on Skype, on mobile or desktop. Be careful however, the Windows 10 version will only benefit from this Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number new feature in the coming weeks. In the meantime, here is a guide to recording your calls. Call recording can be activated at any time during the conversation. It also works for video calls. All participants will be notified of the recording and the file will be saved in the cloud for 30 days.

The Manual Actions Report

Once recording has started, a banner appears at the top of the window, on desktop and mobile. All participants are informed and a “stop recording” button is accessible. When the recording or call is complete. The file is then posted in the chat and remains available for 30 days. All participants can save the file locally or share it with contacts during this period. To save the file locally , go to the conversations and click on “More options”. Select “save to downloads” or “save as…” to keep the file. On mobile, select the conversation saved in the chat, hold down to see the menu offering you to save the file.

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Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number
Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number

Introducing-skype-call-recording-6b To share your conversation , you will see the “forward” functionality on desktop in the “More options” menu, then you can send it to your Skype contacts. On mobile, the process is the same as backing up the file. The “transfer” action is located below the save action. You can also select your contacts with whom you want to share the file.Another novelty presented by Google: a “live test” feature integrated into the URL inspection tool . Convenient to debug in real time and ensure that problems are resolved, before asking the Googlebot to crawl the page concerned again to obtain a new indexing.


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