How to Remove WordPress Installation

Hosting companies like Bluehost, SiteGround, and many more offer one-click WordPress installation. You can even install WordPress immediately after South Korea WhatsApp Number List purchasing the hosting plan. When starting a website, users install WordPress on multiple locations like on main domain, subdomain, subdirectory or on temporary domain. There can be many reasons why you need multiple WordPress installations. For example, you want to learn the admin panel interface by installing themes and plugins on a dummy install. However, many users do not know how to delete unnecessary WordPress installations on the hosting account. In this article, Why should you delete unused WordPress installation? Whether you installed WordPress to learn or messed up your initial installation, it’s a good idea to destroy the installation.

Manually Remove WordPress

This is an appropriate action when you have manually installed WordPress on your site. WordPress installation contains two content types – one is files/folders and the other is database. Here we will explain how to remove WordPress installation in Bluehost hosting manually. in the light of, Connect to FTP or access the File Manager app in your hosting account. Open the File Manager app Open the File Manager app Locate the folder where you installed WordPress. Simply select the folder and delete all content. If WordPress is installed at root you should select all relevant files and delete them. Remember that you should not mistakenly delete subdomains and subdirectories that will also be available at the root of the hosting account.

Custom Hosting Setup

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South Korea WhatsApp Number List

Coupled with, File manager app File manager app Now go to your hosting account and locate the MySQL application. Here you can see all databases available on your hosting account. Open MySQL databases Open MySQL databases Choose the associated database and user and delete them. Delete user and database Delete user and database This will remove the entire WordPress installation from your hosting account. In addition, If you installed WordPress from cPanel or a custom tool, follow one of the instructions below. 2. Removal with One-Click Installers Bluehost and many other companies offer the Softaculous installer to install WordPress and other apps on your site. Open cPanel in Bluehost Open cPanel in Bluehost Use the search box or find the Softaculous installer and click on it.


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