How to Reset Your Favorite Browsers?

Browsers generate different types of errors during use. Fixing issues such as browser crashing, slowness, page not showing, or unresponsive add-ons comes with specific solutions. However, the most recommended Tunisia WhatsApp Number List solutions fail. “How do I reset my web browser?” is the question you ask when no solution works to fix your weird browser. In this article, let us tell you how to reset your favorite browser like Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari. Related: Google Chrome Vs Mozilla Firefox: Which Browser Is Better? Why reset your browser? In general, resetting is required when there are no options to make your browser work. The problem can occur for several reasons: You may have changed advanced browser settings unknowingly. Installed a browser extension or program on your computer that changed your browser settings.

What Happens During the Reset?

When resetting the browser, it will change all settings and return to its original state when installed on your computer. Depending on your browser, resetting may cost you data loss. Here’s what usually happens when you reset the browser: Programs and extensions added to improve browser functionality will be removed or disabled. All your custom settings like new tab page, start page, search engine settings and pinned tabs will be reset to initial settings. Resetting will delete stored browser data and cookies, which will remove login sessions and auto-login features. However, resetting the browser will not affect the following: Resetting does not affect your saved passwords.

How to Reset Mozilla Firefox?

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Your bookmarks/favorites and browsing history will not be affected. If resetting the browser does not fix the problem, you may need to uninstall and reinstall the browser. How to Reset Google Chrome? The most popular Google Chrome browser allows you to reset all settings to default in just a few clicks. Open Google Chrome browser on your computer. Click on the button with three vertical dots displayed at the top right to open the browser menu. Select the “Settings” option from the menu items. Open Chrome Settings Open Chrome Settings In the search box, type “Reset” to find the “Reset and clean” setting options.

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