How to Select Text in a Microsoft

Microsoft Word is the handy word processor for all of us. When working on a document, you can change the format of text by changing the font family, font size, or font color. However, in many cases you must first Russia WhatsApp Number List select the specific text before applying the format change. Therefore, quick text selection can improve your productivity. In this article, we will explain how to select text in Microsoft Word using different options. Using the mouse is the easiest way you can use to select text in Word. However, you can also use the keyboard and selection mode (F8) options. Here we will explain the possibilities with the three options. Word will highlight the content of the selected text in gray and apply formatting changes only to the selected text.

Using Key Combination and Mouse

This is not necessarily the case, you always select consecutive words, lines or paragraphs. To select non-consecutive words, lines, sentences, or paragraphs, select the first text item. Then hold down the Ctrl key and select the next text element. Word will highlight all content of the selected text in gray. Now you can delete, copy, bold, italicize or do any other formatting with all selected content at once. Have you ever wondered how to select text in a vertical block? Yes, you can easily do this in Word. First, hold down one of the alt keys and select the block of text using your mouse.

Select Text With Similar Formatting

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This will select the text in a vertical block and you can apply colors and highlight that content. However, you cannot copy or cut the selected block of text vertically. Hold Alt for vertical selection Hold Alt for vertical selection You can exit the selected block of text vertically by clicking anywhere on the document or by simply pressing one of the arrow keys. Don’t panic when your mouse has suddenly stopped working. Use the following shortcut keys to select text content with your keyboard. Related: How to disable splash screen in Word? As part of using the keyboard, you have another selection option using the F8 key. This will activate the selection mode in the Microsoft Word document which you can use for text selection.

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