How to Set Up Redirects in WordPress

Yoast SEO in one of the best free SEO plugins for WordPress users. It integrates a meta box in the Gutenberg editor to add meta description, title Greece WhatsApp Number List and do SEO/readability analysis inside the editor. Moreover, premium users will benefit from many other features such as orphan content search, Zapier integration and redirect manager. In our previous article, we reviewed the premium Yoast SEO plugin. Here we will explain how to set up redirects in WordPress using the premium Yoast SEO plugin. In either case, users who navigate to the old or deleted page will see a 404 page not found error. You need to set up a redirect to redirect users to the correct page. This helps provide a better user experience and search engines can crawl and index the correct page in search results.

Redirects in WordPress

Redirect is the popular free plugin to monitor 404 errors and configure redirects in WordPress. However, you can also set up redirects in WordPress using Yoast SEO premium. Remember that you must have purchased the premium version and the free version will not support the redirect option. You can either set up a new redirect or import existing entries from your old plugins. We will explain both options in detail. Configuring the redirect manager Before explaining how to import redirects, you must first check that the plugin settings correspond to your needs. Go to the “SEO Redirects Settings” section. Redirect method – select PHP Generate separate redirect file.

Import Redirects From Other Plugins

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Select disabled Yoast redirect handler settings Yoast redirect handler settings With these settings, the Yoast SEO plugin will use the PHP method to create redirects and will not create a separate file to add redirects. Save your changes to apply the settings. Import redirects from other plugins Let’s say you are using the Redirection plugin to set up redirects. Now that you have purchased Yoast SEO which also offers redirect option. In this scenario, you need to have two plugins on your site doing the same function. Luckily, you can simply import all of your existing redirect entries into Yoast SEO by following the steps below. Click on the “Import and Export” link and go to the “Import redirects” tab to see the available options. You can import redirects from the following plugins: Redirect Secure redirect handler Simple 301 redirects

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