How to Setup a Local WordPress

Local is Flywheel’s application to install WordPress on your computer. You can use Local on Windows, Mac, and Linux to learn and practice WordPress features. The app will automatically install WordPress and start Taiwan WhatsApp Number List your progress within minutes. This means you don’t need to download and spend time creating a database. You can complete the installation and setup process in minutes to log into your WordPress admin panel. It’s super easy compared to general local server configuration tools like MAMP and WAMP. In this article, we will explain step by step how to configure local WordPress with Local by Flywheel. Related: How to move local computer from live WordPress site using Local By Flywheel? Set up a local WordPress site with LocalWP

Download the Setup File

Go to the official Local WP website and click on the “Download” button. Local is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. Therefore, select your operating system and fill in the registration details to download the installation package. Download local WP app Download local WP app It may take some time to download because the file size is over 400MB for Mac. In this article, we will explain the rest of the installation with Mac, the remaining steps are the same on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. Install Local App After downloading, double click on the installation file to start the process. On Mac, you need to drag and drop the file into your “Applications” folder.

Creating Your First Site

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Taiwan WhatsApp Number List

Install local app Install local app This will copy the files and create a local application. Copy installation files Copy installation files You can find the app in your “Applications” folder. Drag and drop the app to your dock to create a shortcut for quick access. Open local app Open local app Opening the local app Double click on the application to open it. On Mac, you need to confirm to open the app as it was downloaded from a third-party website. Confirm opening the application Confirm opening the application Confirm the terms of use by clicking on the “I accept” button. Accept the conditions Accept the conditions In the next popup, you can enable error reporting if you want to send errors to the Flywheel team. Otherwise, click the “No” button to continue.

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