How to Setup Cloudflare With WordPress

Cloudflare is the most popular Content Delivery Network (CDN) for WordPress sites. The popularity comes from the fact that many hosting companies offer the basic Cloudflare plan for free. If you are starting your WordPress blog, we recommend setting up Cloudflare from the start to use Chile WhatsApp Number List the features. In this article, we will explain how to add a WordPress site in a Cloudflare account. Contents Why Cloudflare? How do I configure Cloudflare? Cloudflare Account Setup Change your domain’s DNS Complete Setup in Cloudflare Customizing Cloudflare Options Test your site Clearing Cloudflare Setup Caching plugins and CloudflareThere are many CDN services available for WordPress site. However, the basic Cloudflare plan is the best option for beginners.

How Do I Configure Cloudflare?

Almost all shared hosting companies like SiteGround, Bluehost, and HostGator offer a basic Cloudflare plan as an additional service. However, we recommend manually setting up Cloudflare with your WordPress site. for example, SiteGround offers additional options like Railgun to improve Cloudflare’s JavaScript delivery. But you should use domain with www as compromise. You don’t need to have www when setting up the site directly with Cloudflare. Additionally, it will be easy to manage setup at Cloudflare without logging into your hosting account. Cloudflare Account Setup The first step in manual setup is to create your free Cloudflare account.

Change Your Domain’s Dns

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Go to the Cloudflare website and sign up for the free basic plan. After registration, log in to the account using your email and password. Log in to Cloudflare account Log in to Cloudflare account You will see a list of previously added websites in the “Home” section. Click the “Add Site” button to configure Cloudflare for your WordPress. Add a new site in Cloudflare Add a new site in Cloudflare Enter your domain name in the next screen and click the “Add Site” button. Provide the site URL Provide the site URL You will see all available pricing plans, scroll down and choose the free plan to continue. Select the free plan Select the free plan Cloudflare will begin scanning your site and retrieve current DNS records.

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