How to Share a Blog Post

WordPress is the popular content management system for blogs. However, it is not a good idea to sit in front of your WordPress editor and prepare El Salvador WhatsApp Number List content online. Many bloggers prefer to prepare content using text editors like Microsoft Word. It will be an easy task to copy and paste content from Word to WordPress editor and upload images. If you are following this workflow, have you ever wondered to directly publish blog posts from Microsoft Word to WordPress without opening the admin panel? Yes, it’s super easy and we’ll walk you through how to do that in this article. Contents What do you need? Document sharing in Microsoft Word Prepare content in Word Publishing a blog post WordPress Account Login Editing existing blog posts Managing blog accounts Some sharing issues.

What Do You Need?

You can either prepare a new document or share the one you already have on the computer to your WordPress blog. Open the document and go to the “File Share” menu. Share document Share document Select the “Post to blog” option to see the list of available options. Word offers direct sharing of blog posts for SharePoint Blog, WordPress, Telligent Community, and TypePad platforms. At this point, you don’t need to select the platform and click the “Post to blog” button to continue. Post to blog option in Word Post to blog option in Word Word will ask you to register your blog account.

Publishing a Blog Post

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El Salvador WhatsApp Number List

Click the “Register Later” button to log into your WordPress account after preparing the content. Register a blog account Register a blog account Prepare content in Word Word will open your document with a different editor view. You can set a blog post title and edit or create your content the same way you create normal Word documents. Edit or create post content Edit or create post content At this point, you cannot assign a category to your post since you have not connected your WordPress account. Publishing a blog post Once your content is ready, click the “Publish” button. You can either publish the content as a live post or add it to your blog as a draft.

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