How to Show Last Update Date

WordPress offers two default content types – one is a post and the other is a page. Many bloggers get confused with posts and pages and use them incorrectly. You should use blog posts for time-limited content that will change Philippines WhatsApp Number List over time. On the other hand, pages are static in nature without much change in content from time to time. Therefore, when using blog posts, you need to show users the content’s relevance to the current date. The best option is to display the last updated or modified date so that users can easily understand the relevance. In this article, Published Vs Last Updated In our article, we explained how to find the last updated date. Here we give you a summary of what is published and the last update date in WordPress.

Impact on Google Search Results

Displaying the date of publication or modification will not impact Google search rankings. However, the date is displayed in the search, so users can decide whether to view the page or not. Since users tend to view the most recent content, it is a good idea to display the last updated date on search results to increase the click date. Date in Google search snippet Date in Google search snippet You can also hide dates from your frontend as well as Google search. However, this is not a good practice because blog posts are time-limited posts. How to show last update date in WordPress blog? Some themes like GeneratePress support displaying the last updated date using filters.

Publishing Options

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Philippines WhatsApp Number List

If your theme does not support this feature, you can use the WP Last Modified Info plugin to customize the date settings on your site. Installing WP Latest Changed Info Plugin Log in to your WordPress admin panel and navigate to the “Plugins > Add New” section. Use the search box and enter “last updated” to filter out the “WP Last Modified Info” plugin. Install plugin Install plugin Click on the install button then activate it on your site. After activation, the plugin will create a menu under “Settings > WP Last Modified Info” and access it.

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