How to Sort Bookmarks in Google Chrome?

Many of us save web pages in Chrome as a bookmark for later use. Over time, you can accumulate many bookmark URLs. Having thousands of bookmarks is no problem. But easily locating your saved bookmarks is Latvia B2B List the big deal. Just in case your bookmarks bar and folders look messy, you can make them presentable. We recommend a few tweaks and extensions that will help you sort them out. Whether on Android, Windows, iOS or MacOS devices; there is the best Chrome bookmark sorter for you. Here are the recommendations on how to sort your bookmarks in Google Chrome. How to Sort Bookmarks in Google Chrome? Sorting Google Chrome bookmarks can be very tedious. You can sort them by recency, alphabet, or purpose. You can decide to do this on folders or not.

How to Sort Bookmarks

Sorting Chrome bookmarks by name is the only option supported by the Google Chrome software. Plus, you can group your bookmarks into custom folders for easy tracking. Either way, you might not be happy because it doesn’t help you manage your growing list of bookmarks. Sorting by name is only possible within each folder respectively, but cannot be done collectively. Follow this short procedure to sort your Google Chrome bookmarks by name. Open the Chrome bookmarks manager by tapping “Customize and control Google Chrome” at the top right of the window. Select the Bookmarks option and from the drop-down menu choose the “Bookmarks Manager” option. You can also use “Ctrl + Shift + O” shortcut keys in Windows to open the bookmark manager.

Recent Bookmarks

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Open the Chrome bookmarks manager Open the Chrome bookmarks manager On the opened tab is the list of your bookmarks either in folders or listed separately. Right next to the bookmark search bar, click the “Organize” button. Select the “Sort by name” option. You can add new bookmarks or a new folder and import or export your bookmarks from here. Select Sort by name Select Sort by name How to sort bookmarks on Google Chrome using extensions? Besides the built-in Chrome sorting feature, there are additional free Chrome extensions to help you easily manage your bookmarks. They come with different features and their customizations vary. Here are the best Google Chrome extensions available in no suggested order or priority.

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