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WordPress is a robust content management system for online publishers. However, WordPress sites attract a lot of security threats due to their standard setup. Recently, we noticed a sudden spike in traffic for no reason India WhatsApp Number List on our site. After analysis, we discovered that a specific IP address was accessing hundreds of pages at that time. We had to track down the IP address and block the user’s access to reduce the spike. In this article, we will explain how to track down a malicious user’s IP address and block them in WordPress. Contents Find a traffic spike IP address tracking Obtaining traffic details from the server access log Use the Awstats app Custom apps Obtain an IP address using a plugin.

Find a Traffic Spike

The easiest way to find real-time traffic data is to use Google Analytics. You don’t have to worry about momentary traffic spikes that will eventually go away in less time. However, sometimes you will notice that the traffic spike continues for longer, say for an hour. In this case, you need to take immediate action before the server goes down. Open Google Analytics and navigate to the “real-time” reports section of your website. Here you can find the number of users currently on your website. Click on “Locations” to narrow down traffic to a specific country and city. This will help you find out what geographic location you are getting the traffic from.

Obtaining Traffic Details

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India WhatsApp Number List

Additionally, you can apply a filter for “Medium” and “Source” to confirm that the traffic is coming from direct access to your site and not from search engines or the referral source. As you can see in the screenshot below, there are 87 users online from a city “Slough” in the UK. Monitor bad traffic with Google Analytics Monitor bad traffic with Google Analytics This is unusual as these visits show up for over an hour with a similar number of users. Related: How to Track Real Sender IP Address in Gmail? IP address tracking Now the problem is that Google Analytics will not log users IP address. Don’t worry, you have different methods to find and block them. Obtaining traffic details from the server access log The server access process is different depending on your hosting interface.

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