How to Type the Infinity Symbol

The mathematical meaning of infinity is a number greater than any countable number. The simple example is that any number divided by zero will give infinity. For example, 5/0=∞. However, it is difficult to type this Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List simple equation in documents because the infinity symbol does not have a dedicated key. If you frequently type the infinity symbol, here are the keyboard shortcuts and other ways to use. Related: How to use Reading List in Google Chrome? Summary of keyboard shortcuts for the infinity symbol Here is the summary of shortcuts for the infinity symbol. The symbol has a Unicode U+221E dot that you can use in different formats to insert it into various applications.

Shortcut for Microsoft Word

In the method above, we use the decimal code with the alt keys on your keyboard. Alternatively, you can also use a hex value with the alt code. But this method will only work on Microsoft Word documents. Type the hexadecimal value 221E, then press the alt + x keys simultaneously to create the infinity symbol. 221E Alt + X = Using the Symbols utility in Office documents Don’t worry, if keyboard shortcuts don’t help. There are many other alternative options available for entering symbols on a Windows computer. Follow the instructions below on all Office documents such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Go to the “Insert > Symbols > Symbol > More Symbols” menu.

Character Map to Copy

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Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List

In the Symbol utility pop-up window that opens, select “Math Operators” as the subset value. Find the infinity symbol and click the “Insert” button to add the symbol to your document. Symbols utility in Office Symbols utility in Office Using the Equation Editor in Office Documents Sometimes you may frequently use equations involving mathematical operators such as infinity, pi, division, and other symbols. In this case, you can use the equation editor instead of keyboard shortcuts. Open Excel, Word or any other Office application. The only problem with the equation editor is that you have to adjust the inserted equations to line them up with the rest of the text in your document. In particular, it will be difficult to print equations because they are not regular text and line up improperly.

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