How to Use Alt Code Shortcuts?

The Alt key on the keyboard is used to enter special characters, symbols and emoji. We have written articles providing thousands of keyboard shortcuts using Peru B2B List alternative codes for Windows and Mac. However, many users email us asking for clarification on how to properly use alt code shortcuts. Therefore, in this article, we will explain how to use alt code shortcuts in Windows, Mac and Linus computers. Topics Covered What is Alt Code? Using Alt Codes in Windows Alt Code with numeric keypad Using Alt code without a separate numeric keypad Using Hexadecimal Unicode Alternate Codes for Microsoft Word Use Alt codes in macOS Using Alt Codes in Linux Points to remember.

What Is Alt Code?

It is more technical and difficult to understand for a normal user. Simply put, every character Peru B2B List you type on the keyboard is encoded into a printable character using the code page used on this machine. Previously, IBM computers used the alt key with decimal numbers to type special Peru B2B List characters using code page 437. For example, Alt + 1 will make the smiley symbol like. Although later Microsoft developed different code pages for Windows and switched to Unicode, they kept the legacy method of using alt key with decimal number due to popularity. Currently, most operating systems and applications use the standard encoding offered by the Unicode Consortium. Unicode assigns a hexadecimal code point for each printable character and aims to standardize character usage across devices.

Numeric Keypad

Peru B2B List
Peru B2B List

For example, the Unicode point for the same smiley symbol is U. Now some applications like Microsoft Word accept Unicode hex code point while other applications like Outlook only accept decimal codes with alt key. Therefore, the use of alternate code shortcuts depends on Peru B2B List the following factors: Operating system you are using. Keyboard layout like international English or language specific. Language input method. Code page for character encoding. Font type on the Peru B2B List document. Device manufacturer.You can use the decimal alt code or the hexadecimal Unicode character on a Windows computer to enter symbols and special characters.

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