How to Use File History to Back Up

When working with your computer, you don’t have to suffer the devastating effects of malware and ransomware without a lasting solution. Also, sometimes you may have deleted, damaged or lost some of your files or Austria B2B List sections wrongly. It is best to back up your data and recover it whenever you want. File History in Windows 10 helps users schedule regular file backups to PC hard drive, external hard drive or cloud storage. However, we recommend that you opt for an external hard drive or cloud backup option to avoid losing your data. In this article, we will explain how to use File History to back up your files in Windows 10. File History backup options in Windows 10 You can automatically back up File History to the PC’s internal hard drive, network drives, external hard drive.

Cloud Backup Option

For a secure and easy access option, you can opt for a cloud backup option. It is easy to install and requires no additional hardware. However, to run it, you need internet access. Additionally, the cloud platform may charge depending on the size of the space you use. External hard drive backup option If you don’t want internet access for backup, this is the best option. All you need is a hard drive with enough disk space for regular backups. For large file storage, downloading may take longer. You can also back up to a network drive if your computer is in a homegroup setup.

Configuring File History Backup

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Also, there is a system image backup feature, the upgraded version of backup and restore in previous versions of Windows. Users can choose to create the backup of the entire system image to an external hard drive, DVD or network drive. You can also choose which disks to back up. Later, if something goes wrong or you need to update to Windows 10, you can restore your device data. How to configure/enable File History backup in Windows 10? Backing up your PC using File History is not difficult given that you have an external hard drive or network option. Here is a complete guide on how to configure File History backup in Windows 10 using the new settings. From the Start menu, open the “Settings” option.

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