How to Use Mail Merge in Word?

Mail merge is a Microsoft Word feature that lets you customize a section for each copy of a similar document. It allows you to use a contact list or other Algeria WhatsApp Number List elements of a document stored in a database (these can be Word mailing lists, Excel spreadsheets, Access or other forms of databases). In other words, mail merge allows users to create a set of documents with similar layout and content but with different information on certain sections. Related: How to Change Embedded File Name in Office Documents? When to use mail merge in Microsoft Word? This feature is mainly used to create identical letters, labels or emails for different recipients. You can also use the tool to customize reports, newsletter or any other document and send emails to different contacts in your mailing list.

Different Components of Direct Mail

Main document – ​​Word document with content that will be the same throughout the output. This can be plain text, text-guided merge fields, company letterhead, and more. Data Source – A database with a list of data that varies with each direct mail outing (e.g. recipients of your monthly newsletter). Merge Document – ​​The resulting output when you merge the main document with the data source. In this guide, we are going to show you how to use mail merge feature in MS Word. Using Mail Merge in Microsoft Word Open a new document, template, or existing main document in Word to get started. Go to the “Mailings” menu and on the ribbon, click the “Start Mailing” arrow to expand. This will open a mail merge wizard on the right edge of the document.

Select a List From an Existing List

Algeria WhatsApp Number List
Algeria WhatsApp Number List

Select the type of document you want to prepare and click “Next” at the bottom of the wizard. Related: How to Create eBooks in Microsoft Word? Choose your main document Here you need to select your starting document. If the current document is your primary document, choose the first option and continue adding the recipient. In some cases, you may have a template that you use for your letters. If so, check the template option, then click “Select Template” to choose from your stored templates. Choose a model Choose a model When your main document is ready, check the existing document alternative and click the “Open” button to choose the specific file from your PC storage.

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