How to Use Mini Programs

Application development is one of the demanding spaces that is continuously evolving over the period. Mini-programs are the latest in the trend of offering Finland WhatsApp Number List specific functionality within another main application. Although it is not yet popular with mainstream apps, some apps like WeChat mainly work with mini-programs. In this article, let’s explore mini apps and their use in WeChat in more detail. What are mini programs? WeChat has over 1 billion users worldwide, although the main user base is from mainland China. There are many small businesses that don’t have popular apps. They offer a mini program within WeChat to utilize the huge user base. It is a win-win situation for both companies as users with a common interest can use a single platform to accomplish their tasks.

How to Find Mini Programs

WeChat is popular for its minimalist approach and mini programs work with a similar approach. Open the WeChat app on your Android or iPhone. Just swipe down from top to open all your recently used mini-programs. Recently used and research Recently used and research If you’ve never used mini-programs before, tap the search icon. Here you will again see frequently used programs and other related details. Search or find mini program in WeChat Search or find mini program in WeChat Type the program you want to search for. For example, let’s search for “food” to find nearby restaurants and order the food.

Access the Mini-programs

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Finland WhatsApp Number List

WeChat will show a list of nearby mini programs when you type the keywords. You can either press one of the mini-programs from the list or press the “Search” button on the keyboard. Look for mini food programs Look for mini food programs Get suggestions Get suggestions This will show you all mini-programs near food stores. Tap on any program to display menu items that will be similar to what you see on major food ordering apps. You can add the items to the cart and order your favorite dish using the mini program. Order Mini Program Items Order Mini Program Items The winning part of the WeChat app here is that you can pay through the WeChat Pay gateway.

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