How to Use Post Formats in WordPress?

WordPress offers few official themes like twenty-twenty, twenty-nine, etc. However, many WordPress site owners use custom themes from third-party developers. The problem with custom themes is that they may not use Thailand WhatsApp Number List all the core features of WordPress themes. For example, Post Formats is one of the main WordPress theme features that theme developers can use in their themes. If you’re wondering what post formats are in WordPress and how to use them on your site, you’ve come to the right place. Learn WordPress: Discover over 400 free WordPress tutorials. What are post formats in WordPress? When you create a new post, WordPress will display meta boxes by default on the editor. Post Formats is one of the default meta information introduced in WordPress version.

Types of Post Formats

In order to standardize the presentation of content, WordPress offers 10 default post formats. Theme developers can choose the formats and support required on their theme. However, it is not possible for theme or plugin developers to create custom post formats in WordPress. Remember that the front layout of each format depends solely on the style of your theme. Standard This is a default post format used when you don’t select any format for your post. Next to Used to post smaller notes and minor updates. By default, it does not contain a post title section. Gallery Use the gallery shortcode to create an image gallery.

See All Post Formats

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You can also insert a gallery block in a standard How do you select the post format for your posts? Typically, business themes only support post formats for the “posts” content type, not “pages.” Login to your WordPress admin panel and navigate to “Posts Add New”. Alternatively, you can edit an existing post to change the format. In the document panel sidebar, click the post format drop-down list. Select the post format available on your theme. Preview your post and press the “Publish” button to make changes visible online. Change post format in WordPress Change post format in WordPress How to Change Default Post Formats in WordPress? As mentioned, WordPress uses “Standard” as the default post format. However, it is not necessarily a question of using the standard format in special cases.

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