How to Use the Character Map

Windows 10 computers come with a dedicated emoji panel. You can open this emoji panel quickly by hotkey “Win Logo + Dot” and insert your favorite Brazil WhatsApp Number List emoji into any app. However, besides emoji, there are thousands of other symbols that can be very useful. For example, have you ever wondered how to type an infinity or pi symbol in your documents? In this article, we will explain how to insert almost any symbol in Windows PC with Character Map app. Unicode character mapping Unicode is a nonprofit organization that helps set standards for every character you can type on the keyboard. This includes letters from different languages, special symbols and emoji. There is a unique hexadecimal code point for each symbol represented in U+code format.

Alt Code Vs Character Map

Since standard keyboards don’t provide a way to enter the unicode hex value, you must first convert the hex value to decimal value and use it with one of the alt keys. However, this will only work when typing the decimal value with the numeric keypad. Also, the alternate code will not work on all apps or behave differently if the app uses a different character encoding method. In order to overcome this problem, Windows offers a character map application. This app will help you find your favorite symbol and allow you to search based on unicode value or description to make things easier. How do I open the character map app? As mentioned, Character Map is an independent application used to insert symbols in Windows computer.

Access From Command Prompt

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You can access the app using one of the methods below. Open from Windows or Cortana Search Press the Windows key on your keyboard to highlight the search box or click the search box on your taskbar. Type charmap and click on the “Open” link choosing the first option to access the Character Map application. Open character map Open character map Open from run prompt Press “Win Logo + R” keys to open the Run prompt. Type charmap and press the Enter key. Open Character Map in Windows Open Character Map in Windows Access from Command Prompt. Or PowerShell If you’re a command prompt guy, open it up by searching in the Windows search box.

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