How to Use the Dictionary on Iphone?

iPhone offers many free and paid dictionary apps. However, you don’t need to install any app to find meaning or dictionary words. Your iPhone comes with the “New Oxford American Dictionary” built-in for the English Colombia B2B List language. Moreover, you can also add other language dictionaries like British English, French or German. In this article, we are going to explore how to use dictionary on iPhone. Related: How to Request Desktop Sites in Safari iPhone? Find the meaning of words When you read web pages or documents, you may come across many words whose real meaning you do not know. Understanding the definition of unfamiliar words is a simple and effective way to improve your language vocabulary. In order to get a meaning or definition for any word, simply press and hold on a word until it is highlighted and press ‘Search’.

Find the Meaning of Words

This will show you a sliding window with the definition of the word highlighted from the New Oxford American Dictionary. See dictionary meaning See dictionary meaning Tap on the definition to read more details about the word like meaning as noun and verb along with origin, usage, derivatives and other details. See the detailed meaning of the verb and noun See the detailed meaning of the verb and noun Tap “Done” to close the dictionary and continue reading. Related: How to improve your iPhone battery health? Using Define in Pages.

Delete Dictionaries

Colombia B2B List
Colombia B2B List

Word Apple displays the search option in applications such as Mail, Notes and Safari. However, when you are in a Pages or Microsoft Word document, you will see another option named “Define”. “Define” works the same way as “Find”. Tap a word to highlight and choose “Set”. Set option in iPhone pages Set option in iPhone pages This will display the definition in a slightly different window than “Search”. Results of Set option Results of Set option Define Vs Search Previously, Apple used “Define” as the standard way to find dictionary meaning. However, Apple changed this with iOS 10 and replaced “Set” with the “Search” option. Unfortunately, these two options still exist and also work a bit differently.

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