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A major player in quick commerce, Flink is an application that allows users. To quickly have their shopping delivered to their homes. As this sector is booming, we wanted to know more about how quick commerce works and the Algeria WhatsApp Number List reasons for its success. Anne-Sophie Bouygues, Communication Manager of Flink France. Answers our questions on this subject, and also discusses the technologies and communication channels adopted by Flink to stand out in this very competitive sector. How would you define quick trade? At Flink, we define quick commerce as the new version of commerce: the one that allows you to have your groceries delivered on demand. We are similar to a traditional supermarket chain, except that our concept is based on two vectors that are specific to online sales: the speed and flexibility of deliveries. In this, we allow thousands of people to save time in their day, and therefore reduce their stress related to daily tasks. The quick trade sector is booming.

Communication Manager

Why ? If quick commerce is booming today, it’s because it meets a need. Indeed, we currently live in a very fast-paced society in which people are constantly looking to save time. Through the flexibility, immediacy and agility that quick commerce brings. We are able to spare them from certain tasks (at the same price as in a traditional supermarket), and therefore give them back this time while reducing their stress. The Players in the Sector have networks of “dark stores”. Can you explain to us how it works? First of all, at Flink, we prefer the term “store” to “dark store”, because the latter does not reflect reality.

The Players in the Sector

Algeria WhatsApp Number List
Algeria WhatsApp Number List

Indeed, these are supermarket stores as we know them. With the only difference that they are not open to the public and they are organized strategically. Allowing us to save time when dealing with orders. We currently have 15 between Paris and its inner suburbs, each located less than 2 km from our customers. And are looking to open 65 more before the end of the year. The structure of the stores, the location of the latter, the order in which the articles are placed; everything is thought out intelligently to guarantee delivery in just a few minutes.

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