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Missing alternative text -alt-. Images help us improve the user experience . Both visually and technically. Take both aspects into account and everything will be fine. 5. Internal pages . The urls of the pages of the web itself can often produce errors. Some of the most common are 5xx statuses. Pages, and mixed https/http content. 4xx pages: the url cannot be accessed. 4xx errors include 401 – authorization required or authentication required-, 403 – access denied or prohibited-, 408 – request timeout- and 404 -not found-. 5xx pages – a url will return a 5xx status code when there is a server error.

Common 5xx errors include 500 -internal server error, 502 -bad gateway-, 503 -service unavailable- and 504 -gateaway timeout-. Mixed https/http content – ​​this happens when . The website has a secure https connection, but some files such as images, css, or javascript are loaded over an insecure http connection. 6. Linked because google was founded as a hyper-text search engine. Links have always been important to a website’s ranking. But how important are links in technical seo? Unlike traditional link building, technical seo evaluates how the internal pages link.

A Strong Internal Link

Structure allows crawlers to easily Ivory Coast Phone Number navigate a website and find important pieces of content. Some of the areas you should consider when evaluating links are: internal and . External links to broken pages. Pages without outgoing links. Https pages with internal links to http pages. Pages without internal links. Links to redirected pages. 7. Redirects redirections are very common within . The administration of web pages. However, there may be certain problems when making them . That lead to a bad user experience or a “trap” for search engine crawlers.

Ivory Coast Phone Number

Web redirects the most common problems with redirects are. Redirect loop caused by redirecting to a url which in turn redirects to another redirect chain. Broken redirection, common when it links to a page that returns a 4xx or 5xx status. 3xx redirection: the fewer redirects. There are on a site and the more direct internal links we find on a page, the better. 8. Duplicate content duplicate content has a negative connotation within. The field of seo optimization. However, most of the time duplicate content is not . Meant to be misleading. Rather, they are well-intentioned efforts . That result in content that is a good match or very similar to existing content.

The Solution For Duplicate

Content is canonical tags . We’ll dive deeper into these later in our quick . Guide to technical seo for small businesses. 9.javascript many websites use javascript to load key content elements. For example, calls to action. And also some of them have some problems with this code. These errors can often be detected by using google’s pagespeed ​​insights test tool or by taking . A test at . 10. Css websites use css styles to display their content to users. These style specifications may include information about colors. Fonts, and how the design displays on different devices.

Css code can present different problems. For example, broken code and even . A very large css file. 11. External pages the web pages to which you make external links are . A clear reflection of your online reputation and the quality of the content you host on it. Therefore, technical seo evaluates which pages you link to from your website. In addition, it ensures that these have . Good authority and evaluates if these links generate 3xx, 4xx or 5xx errors. Others these categories . Constitute the most relevant factors of technical seo. However, there are other common technical issues . That are unrelated to the factors just considered. These are mainly related to the sitemap and the structure of the web.

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