Immediately, AAA Technological Skills Sought.

mediately it is looking for new recruits to enhance the technical Malaysia Phone Number skills present in the company. Confirming a strategy of constant growth over time, the Italian Digital Company. Known for its free advertisements for sale or rent of houses, used car, and motorcycle ads. Job offers, and much more.

The number of open positions for the IT industry and the specifications

Subito’s choice to hire new figures, especially in the Malaysia Phone Number technological area (44% of the employees employed are in the Product & Tech team thanks to which Subito develops product innovations entirely in Italy, ed.) Is dictated by the desire to remain competitive in a market difficult like that of classifieds (that of advertisements, to understand).

each of which lasts about two minutes. The development needs, combined with Malaysia Phone Number the strong attention dedicated. That uses the agile methodology in all teams, according. The new entrants will work alongside a team of 164 people. Whose average age is 36, and will have the opportunity to work every day. For a platform that reaches 1.5 million visits throughout Italy every day and receives 16,000 requests per second.


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