Innovation Manager The Role And Skills

The digitization of processes is increasingly leading Pakistan Phone Number organizations. To equip themselves with a new professional figure. The Innovation Manager. (update: the Mise has approved a decree that provides incentives for companies that introduce this figure in the company ). 27% of companies with more than 50 employees have already been introduced. This role, according to estimates by the Digital Transformation Academy. Of Digital Innovation Observatories. In some of these cases we do not speak only of a figure but even. Of an Innovation Management Department, established within the ICT Department, or as a report. To another Department or the Top Management itself, in some cases widespread in cells throughout the ‘organization.

Where the Innovation Manager was born

The Academy tried to trace the identikit of this new Pakistan Phone Number professional figure by interviewing thirty Innovation Managers, who have been at work for some time. He is also an innovation evangelist, a change manager who deals with the introduction and development of new methodologies to promote cultural change in the company of all lines of business. Finally, he has a more ‘managerial’ role: in the role of Enablercarries out analysis and evaluation of results, and manages the project portfolio.

A manager responsible for innovation must, first of all, have leadership and Pakistan Phone Number change management skills. In fact, it takes the charismatic ability to motivate. Push for change to overcome the typical resistance of mature organizations. In fact, from the Academy’s interviews, it emerged that Innovation Managers often clash. With the prevailing culture in the company. There are many obstacles to overcome, ranging from the “not invented here” syndrome to “it has always been done like this. In second place is the ability to have a strategic and scenario vision, to grasp the fundamental elements. That will influence the context, imagine. choose the trends that will have a decisive impact on the market. In which the company operates or may operate.

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