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A different version of the program. That. Yes. It loses some of the characteristics that made the original program famous. This in any case does not mean that the old paint disappears. It will be able to continue to be used until windows supports it. But it will not receive updates of any kind. The news is important because this software has been a tool used by many despite the scarcity of its functions. Who hasn’t used paint to easily edit an image on a pc without other programs? But beyond using it when there was no other choice. The truth is that the program always had a small legion of followers. More than one in fact started in computer image processing thanks to paint.

Just take a look on the internet to Canada phone number discover numerous pages where some improvised artists show their creations with this program. In any case. It should be remembered that paint. Like so many other things in windows. Was an element inspired. If not copied. From the apple macintosh operating system. Paint was born in 1985. But a year before there was already macpaint. The original mac os primitive drawing program. The version most similar to that myth of drawing software for mac is found today in os sierra preview. In any case. Paint has been a small cultural phenomenon. The creations made with it. In fact. Used to be accompanied by text written with the comic sans font.

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Created by microsoft. Another dinosaur from the time of the primitive pcs that has survived to this day. Movistar and mcafee released the results of the safe digital life study. Which allowed for the first time to investigate the awareness of chilean internet users regarding the risks to their security and privacy in the online world. The telephone survey. Carried out in april of this year by the department of social studies of the catholic university (desuc). Covered 910 cases in the metropolitan. Coquimbo. Valparaíso. And bío-bío regions and revealed that although there is hyperconnectivity of chilean users -85% declare to connect to the internet constantly. Which in young people between 18 and 34 years old rises to 95%-. There is still significant resistance to carrying out procedures digitally.

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With 46% of those surveyed who said they do not carry out banking procedures online and 66% admitted that they prefer to carry out certain procedures in person for fear of being hacked. Regarding the latter. One piece of information is striking: 22% of those surveyed declared that they had suffered some type of breach of their information on the internet. Such as hacking of their email accounts or social networks. Especially in the case of young people. Between 18 and 34 years old. Who are also the most active on digital platforms and therefore are more exposed. 53% of users don’t care about their passwords regarding the treatment that users give to their personal information.

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The research concludes that 29% present “risky behaviors” in handling their passwords. Since they write them down on paper. In a digital document or in their browser; that 37% share passwords with friends. Family or partners. And that 4 out of 10 do not use protection mechanisms to access their cell phone. Such as password or unlock pattern. Despite the above. More than half (53%) of those surveyed admitted to not being concerned about the security of their passwords. This low level of awareness about digital security is reflected in the incipient use of antivirus on cell phones: only 48% say they have an antivirus on their cell phone.

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