Intro to Pay-per-click Advertising for Real Estate

Trying to rank on the first page of Google can be a daunting task for some. It takes time and resources to invest in a comprehensive and comprehensive SEO strategy. Even then, it could take months to notice. What can you do Norway WhatsApp Number while waiting? Well, many of our members use both PPC and SEO – using the former to generate short-term traffic and the latter to generate long-term traffic. In this introduction to PPC for real estate, we outline what you need to understand if you’re considering this path. Including: What is PPC for real estate? How does PPC work? What are the benefits of using PPC advertising for real estate? Who should use PPC? How to get started with PPC

Ppc for Real Estate

PPC is a general term used for various pay-per-click platforms that real estate professionals use to present themselves to their target audience. These include Google Ads (Ad Words), Bing Ads, Facebook Ads and many re targeting options. Overall, PPC is a digital marketing strategy where you advertise in a search engine’s sponsored results by bidding on related keywords, ad sets, and/or re targeting list to your real estate niche. Pay-per-click is exactly that…you pay every time your ad is clicked. However, there may be times when you are charged for impressions (the number of times your ads are shown). Google Ads (Ad words) still reigns as the king of PPC for generating motivated leads.

How Does Ppc Work?

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Facebook ads can also be an effective way to generate motivated sellers as well as buyer leads. The cost per click of Facebook is also considered a lesser amount compared to Ad Words. It’s important that you understand where your leads are coming from and your cost per lead value to fully understand which platform is right for you. How does PPC work? Starting with the basics. When a motivated seller types a search query into Google, search engines provide two sets of results: pay-per-click (sponsored) ads and organic results. As shown in the image below, the first three results at the top are sponsored ads

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