Is Bing Ppc a Waste of Time for a Real Estate

Are you dismissing Bing PPC because that “guy” in online forums said it’s not worth using as an investor or real estate agent? Is your Google Adwords Latvia WhatsApp Number campaign killing your marketing budget? What if I told you that Bing can help you attract additional leads for less (if you do it right)? “For me, Bing Ads is too expensive . Conversion rates just suck…” via Reddit “Bing Ads are compared to Google AdWords in my experience”. via Reddit We see these kinds of comments about Bing PPC for online real estate all the time. Probably you too.

Google Adwords

When prospects search online for a real estate professional (this applies to investors and agents), you want to be on the first page. Because if you are, people will click on your result, they’ll visit your website, and there’s a good chance they’ll even become a lead (at the very least, you can tag them once they visit your website and retarget them with Facebook ads – learn more here). And search engine leads are generally much higher quality than direct mail leads, bandit sign leads, or even door knocking or cold calling leads. Because they came for you. However, in the world of search engines and PPC, Google AdWords reigns supreme. Google, after all, dominates nearly 95% of all search engine traffic.

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Latvia WhatsApp Number
Latvia WhatsApp Number

But in this article, we are not talking about Google AdWords. We’re talking about Microsoft Advertising (the advertising platform behind Bing, a mockingly acronymous search engine like “But it’s not Google”), which has about 2.39% of the global search engine market share. This begs the question: why are we talking about Microsoft Advertising? Well, there are a few benefits you should be aware of. Should you use Microsoft Advertising? While holding 2.39% of the global search engine market share seems like a small and insignificant feat, those two percentage points still represent 12 billion searches per month. Everyone searches online, most people do it every day, so having a few percentage points of global search engine share is more powerful than it looks.

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