Italian Workers Still Behind On Digital.

Ven if they consider digitalization a fundamental element for the Bahrain Phone Number. Essential to remain competitive in the labor market, two-thirds of Italian employees feel poorly qualified in this field. To be able to guarantee their employability. in the future. Furthermore. Only one in three companies has adequate staff to develop a digital strategy. This is what emerges from the Randstad Workmonitor. In the workplace for the fourth quarter of 2016.

Internal corporate communication.

According to the research, 90% of Italians believe that all company’s Bahrain Phone Numbers should have a digital strategy. An awareness is six percentage points higher than the global average (84%), which places our country in sixth place among the nations surveyed. After Mexico (95%), Brazil and Chile (94%), Portugal and India (93 %), Malaysia and Argentina (92%). All this contrasts with the overall delay of Italian companies: only 57% of workers believe that their company has already adopted a digital strategy, against 59% of the global average. 70% of Italian workers also think that their company does not have personnel with the appropriate skills to start the digitization process (two points above the average of the countries analyzed, at 68%).

Which mixes optimism and apprehension.  Routine activities could be automated. And the majority are confidently looking at a technological revolution. In their jobs: 59% believe that automation would allow them to increase creativity. But two out of three Italians declare themselves digitally unprepared. In fact, 67% of workers believe they need to improve their skills. In the digital field to continue to be a profile that can be spent on the job market. A feeling of unpreparedness that in Italy is five percentage points higher than the global average (62%).


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