Its relevance within a digital marketing strategy

You have little risk because you only pay for shares. The benefit depends on the conditions of the campaign. But in any case, the risk that you will not make a profit is quite low. Larger scale. The CPA allows you to test a larger scale of marketing. Your corporate message spreads faster and a very wide audience recognizes your brand. For example, a line of skin care products called Bliss offers a hefty 10% commission on every sale.


So now when they cooperate

With influencers, they Namibia Phone Number have a win-win situation. The blogger gets paid and has a reason to encourage others to buy. As a result, their influence becomes bigger. The most important advantage to remember is that you do not pay unless some kind of conversion has taken place. How much will you pay? The fee is set based on the competition and the average payout in the niche. According to Google AdWords , the overall average cost per action is $48.96. For example, Kelty, a company that makes camping gear, has a full tier system that offers up to 10% commission on every sale.


You can create a staggered or static campaign

 Namibia Phone Number

We’ll go into more detail later. Now it’s time to get into the actual steps. Step #1 – Find Reliable CPA Networks A CPA network is a resource that connects people who want to make money using affiliate programs and companies that are willing to provide and promote them that way. The most important task in this model is to find a reliable network. Here are some of the top-rated popular fonts you can use: Max Bounty. This network knows how to make money with CPA marketing. It’s all because of their knowledgeable managers who care and are focused on your marketing goals. You get weekly payouts and lots of educational material to learn more about the payout model.

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