Keeppe, A Tool To Add A Self-Promo Banner On Any Site!

With Keeppe, learn how to add a self-promotion banner on any external site to drive. Taffic to your own site to generate qualified leads. Summary : Keeppe: what is it? keeppe logo Keeppe’s logo The concept of Keeppe is simple. The tool allows you to create, customize and add a self-promotion banner with redirect button on external sites of your choice. 100% made in France, Keeppe supports community managers, bloggers and web Azerbaijan Mobile Phone Numbers to generate. Qualified leads thanks to the content they share on their social networks . Keeppe, how does it work? You can very simply create your self-promotion banner that will appear on any site in a few minutes, to do so. Just follow these few steps: Create a free account on Keep.

Create and customize your self-promotion banner with CTA (called “Keep” on the platform). Copy the of the content you want to share. On your social networks by associating your Keeppe self-promotion banner Get the shortened link (called Keep link) and share. It as much as you want on your social networks, via your email signature or via yours. Newsletter create self-promo bead keeppe Here is an overview of the interface for creating.Aa self-promotion banner (Keep) before customization create Keeppe self-promotion banner Here is the result after personalizing our self-promotion banner for our newsletter 6 reasons to test. Keeppe You can very easily customize the banners and see the rendering thanks to the preview mode (it only takes a few minutes). You have the choice between headbands that take the whole width or just half.

Keeppe, How Does It Work?

All colors are customizable.  Can add your logo. You will get complete statistics on your campaigns thanks to the links tracked by Keeppe.  do A/B testing of “Keep” to identify which one converts the best and thus only use that one (up to 3 banners in random rotation). Keeppe banners do not contain any advertisements, the visibility granted to your company is total. All self-promotion banners are responsive, so they adapt perfectly to all screen resolutions (smartphones, tablets and computers). The Keeppe application available on Android and iPhone allows you to find and use your banners (Keeps) to share items on the move. You can also track your stats and access your history. 6 concrete use cases of Keeppe for companies self-promo headband keeppe LEPTIDIGITAL Our self-promotion banner in action.


On Le Monde Optimize the sharing of your monitoring on. Twitter and other social networks to redirect traffic and leads to the site of your choice. Collect emails directly in the banner for subscription to the newsletter, an event, etc… Promote a special offer from your business when you share articles related to your business. Insert a Keeppe self-promotion banner when you redirect. Internet users to your social networks to encourage them to subscribe to your newsletter. Use the email signatures of all of its employees to integrate a personalized Keeppe banner when they redirect to their social accounts or your company’s website. Add a Keeppe banner on the external links you make in your articles.

Concrete Use Cases Of Keeppe For Companies

To in touch with your readers even when they leave your site. Of course, these 5 examples of use are just a few ideas that came to mind when we tested the tool. Many possibilities are possible depending on your objectives and your activity. To find out more and test Keeppe 100% free, visit their: credit card is not required for registration). This article was written by LEPTIDIGITAL as part of a paid partnership with Keeppe Is a platform that allows any. Community manager, whether budding or experienced, to manage their social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram). The comprehensive and free tool of up to 3 social accounts allows its users to schedule Instagram posts.

Indeed, the (minimal) earnings increase according to the number of clicks on your registering. You will have access to detailed statistics for each link. PixelMe: it is a marketing platform that is aimed more at SMEs. PixelMe doesn’t just shorten a link. Thanks to it, you can also track it and follow its performance. You can also add a retargeting pixel which may be useful for retargeting. All the clickers of your shortened links via retargeting campaigns (via Twitter, Google Ads, Instagram and Facebook Ads). The tracking and attribution features also allow you to monitor the return on investment of your campaigns. Aother 100% free online URL shortener if the previous list was not enough for you or if you prefer to obtain a short link starting with vu.

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