Keyboard Shortcuts for Chrome

Google Chrome is popular due to its developer-friendly interface. Even a normal user can check the page source and inspect page elements using Chrome Albania WhatsApp Number List Developer Tools. We explained the use of Chrome Developer Tools in our previous article. In this article, let us provide 60+ keyboard shortcuts for Chrome Developer Tools to navigate and speed things up. Related: Microsoft Edge Command URL Shortcuts. Open Chrome Developer Tools There are many ways to launch the Developer Tools section in Chrome. On Chrome Windows Press the F12 key. Use the keyboard shortcut keys “Ctrl + Alt + I”. Right-click on any area and choose “Inspect Element”. Go to the three-dot button menu and go to “More tools  Developer tools”. On Chrome Mac Press the “Option + Command + I” shortcut keys.

Access Keyboard Shortcuts

Remember that Google Chrome browser shortcuts and developer tools shortcuts are different. You must be careful when using shortcuts as it may change the view of the developer tools. For example, pressing “Ctrl and +” or “Command and +” will increase the zoom of the browser. However, the same shortcuts when used in Developer Tools will increase the zoom of the Developer Tools only section. You can press the “Ctrl and -” or “Command and -” keys again to reduce the zoom level. After launching the Chrome browser, follow the instructions below to access the shortcuts section of the Developer Tools section:

Shortcuts for Chrome Developer

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Albania WhatsApp Number List

Click the three-dot button in the Developer Tools section. Remember that this is not the personalization menu at the top right of the browser. Chrome Developer Tools shortcut menu Chrome Developer Tools shortcut menu There you can see a list of useful shortcuts. List of developer tools shortcuts List of developer tools shortcuts Shortcuts for Chrome Developer Tools on Windows and Mac Here are the complete shortcuts for Chrome Developer Tools on Windows and Mac.

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