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When we close it. They disappear. However. To stop permanent or “persistent” cookies from receiving information about us. We must manually delete them from our browser. According to a report by the european union on data protection that analyzed nearly 500 web pages. 70% of cookies are from third parties and track our activity to offer us personalized advertising. Others serve to personalize the service offered by the website. Depending on our browser or the way in which we use the data. And others are “technical” and serve to control traffic. Identify the user’s login.

Store content or allow the use Indonesia phone number of security elements. Although the category is not exclusive: a single cookie can have several purposes. Advantages and disadvantages most web pages force us to accept them in order to continue using the service – that is why they are obliged to inform us well about them – although there are ways to deactivate and block them. If you don’t want information about you to be stored on your computer. You can delete it in the “tools” section and then click “clear browsing data”. On the phone. You find this option in “settings”. Then “privacy” and finally “delete cookies”. But it is not always necessary to reject them; the cookie policy has its advantages and disadvantages.

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On the one hand. They can be of great help to improve our internet experience. Creating a user profile and avoiding us having to fill in forms. Passwords and endless contact sheets over and over again. “cookies are files created by the websites you visit and your browser’s cache. Which helps pages load faster. They allow you to navigate the web more easily.” explains google on its blog. “emptying your browser’s cache and cookies will erase website settings (such as usernames and passwords) and may cause some sites to perform more slowly as all images need to be reloaded” . The problem is when there is an abuse and they obtain personal data from users (especially when it occurs without their consent). Something that organizations such as the european commission have recently criticized.

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The us computer software company vertical response says it’s a good idea to clear your cache and cookies from time to time to “clean” your browser. “you’ll have to retype usernames and passwords. But your privacy will be safer and your browser will work better.” two years ago we announced that youtube would increase support and investment for our creators. With the goal of attracting new and powerful content to our subscription service. Youtube red.1 people asked us about our programming strategy for red were we planning to follow in the footsteps of netflix or amazon and bring tv to the digital world? Were we looking to recreate the aesthetics of the mythical mtv? The answer to these questions was always a resounding “no”.

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We have something truly unique on youtube: a truly global community of viewers who participate and clearly express what they want to see. Our goal with youtube red has always been to identify those artists and genres that engage the most users and invest in the content our community wants to see. In other words. Over the last year. We’ve premiered more than 30 original series and movies on youtube red. We’ve produced content across a variety of genres and formats: from scripted comedies like “foursome” – so popular. We’ll soon have a third season – to unscripted shows like “escape the night.” with joey graceffa. Whose second season premieres in july. We have also shot movies. Such as “the thinning” and “lazer team”; documentary feature films. Such as the dan & phil theatrical tour. As well as the acclaimed; “this is everything.

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