Limber Test, A 100% French Marketing Automation Tool!

Regular users of Limber get on average 9 times more traffic on their content, this is in any case the enticing promise. Of this new marketing automation tool made in France! We have tested it for you. Creating quality content is one thing, making it visible to your target audience is another. Limber accompanies web marketers in their monitoring, the tool Cameroon Phone Number List helps them to organize and schedule. The sharing of content in an intelligent way on the most used social platforms. Summary: Limber, what is it? limber logo A 100% French content marketing automation tool! With the main objective of boosting the visibility of company content on the web via marketing automation.

Limber is a young French SaaS solution that is primarily aimed at content marketing, community management and inbound marketing professionals. and internet marketing in general. Limber is a dynamic team made up of 5 people, including 3 co-founders. Jeremy Lipp, CEO – former Marketing Director Yhon Acurio, CTO – former BPM consultant Bertrand Barbet. Therefore, CMO – former operational marketing manager Tested in Beta from October 2014 to May 2015 after 2 years of research and development. The Limber SaaS service was really open to everyone from mid-2015. Already used by many B2B clients, Limber intends to accelerate its development. In France and internationally (the company is currently seeking to raise around 400,000 euros).

A 100% French Content Marketing Automation Tool!

With its innovative proprietary features. Therefore, Limber has many advantages to show against other solutions already well established on the market. Let’s take a quick look at the different possibilities offered by this. New content marketing automation tool made in France . Limber, a very useful ally in an inbound marketing strategy! In a web marketing strategy. More specifically inbound marketing, the content creation phase is just as important as the content promotion phase. Web professionals are often faced with problems of short life of publications on the various social platforms. Hence the importance of setting up a long-term content promotion strategy , which is precisely what offers us Limber. 5 concepts to better understand Limber: The canals on.


Limber inbound channels There are two types of channels on Limber, inbound and outbound channels . Incoming channels are your content sources (your blog’s RSS feed, for example). limber outgoing channels An outgoing channel on Limber is a broadcast medium used for content sharing. Therefore,  Currently, the platform offers you to use these different channels. Twitter account Facebook account and/or page. LinkedIn account and/or page. WordPress Blog Yammer account You can connect a multitude of outgoing channels on Limber, 5 in the free version, up to 100 in the Enterprise version. Content on Limber added limber channel The contents on Limber are the sources that you will be able to share. And re-share over time on your various outgoing channels.

Limber, A Very Useful Ally In An Inbound Marketing Strategy!

You can add different types of content to the platform: Articles: thanks to RSS feeds Videos: using YouTube, Vimeo. Dailymotion IDs or URLs PPTs: via SlideShare accounts PDFs: via the direct import system. Therefore, On the platform Campaigns. On Limber limber campaigns Campaigns make it possible to automatically filter upstream the content present in the feed aggregator section. A simple click on a campaign adjusts the contents visible in the “Contents” section of Limber. Campaigns are also used to group publication actions on social networks to. Then be able to analyze the statistics related to this group of shares.Any user of the platform will be able to freely add to their emailings. This photo library is perfect for companies that do not want to buy photos online. But still want to illustrate their emailing with professional-quality photos.

Therefore, The images in the photo library are classified by categories France, Food, Icons, Animals, Objects, Architecture and building. Concepts and symbols, Science and health, Transport, Agriculture, Lifestyle, Industry and Technology. Nature and Environment, Business, Characters, Foreign Countries, Sports and Leisure. Import images from our computer: this feature gives us the possibility. Of importing any type of image that we have not previously prepared, for example. In Photoshop or any other software to minimize its weight and optimize its dimensions. Once the image has been, Sarbacane will however allow us to crop the image or to precisely select the desired final height and width for the image. Importing an image from

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