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Zuckerberg ‘s final resolution stipulates an exclusive audit by facebook . Where it is reliably verified that cambridge analytica has completely deleted the information of the affected users. Facebook resolutions: the creation of a functionality that allows you to see in a simple and fast way. All the applications that currently have access to user data. And have the option to allow or deny access. In addition. Access will be denied to application developers that are related to their users’ data. Especially if people have not used the application in the last three months. We present the new responsive site of misión sa . A company that provides training and consulting services. And is certified by 2 quality standards: iso 9001: 2008. Nch2728: 2015. The website shows an innovative design and simple navigation.

Where the user can find Uk phone number information on the different consultancies and courses offered by the institution. As well as the possibility of online registration. Misión sa joins the list of clients who have trusted us to develop their website. We invite you to visit the mission site sustained work with one of the most beloved institutions. Such as the fire department of chile . Was a challenge for kontact . Since expectations were high in terms of digital improvements on its website. Which were addressed exhaustively. To achieve the result that can be seen today on your site. Our approach as a digital agency started by solving obstacles from the first moment where the navigation begins. It was based on a reformulation of the home from the look and feel . Portraying the cabin of a fire truck .

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With its respective instruments scattered in each section of the man . We also highlighted and improved the news section. Giving it the necessary relevance so that all firefighters subscribers could find out about each of the news with the speed and fluidity necessary. In addition. The platform has a corresponding responsive adaptation for all mobile devices . Managing to combine usability criteria according to digital news . This will allow them to better reach each of their users from any desktop. Tablet and mobile platform . The advances are significant in terms of design. Which are based on usability and user experience. In a perfect tandem of digital ergonomics. We invite you to review their site here our commitment as experts in.

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With a model and work scheme that resolves the concerns of our clients . In this way we have put all our energies and knowledge into taking the madrigal concept to the next level. For this project we considered relevant elements of our scheme in the web update . Which were in correlation with the institutional message to be transmitted by the client. This translates into materializing the look and feel in an ad hoc manner for the site. With an ideal color range for the inclusive and comprehensive concept of the school . In addition. We managed to combine usability criteria with an interface that could respond to user queries (a). With a ductile and effective action in favor of improving the browsing experience of each person .

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Each segment of the site is easily accessible and has a pragmatic journey from the first click on the home page . In this way. We have wielded and reflected the best elements of the digital world added to the educational and training integrity of the madrigal school . When planning a digital campaign. Ensuring that your ads get the highest possible visibility is. Without a doubt. One of the main objectives. Hence. Ensuring that the percentage of viewable impressions is as high as possible is usually the standard rule in the industry and the criterion that rules when defining the investment. A scheme where all eyes are on the viewability metric. That is. The probability that an ad has of being seen by users.

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