Maps Them With The Help Of The e-CF Framework

Mapping skills in general, and digital skills in Italy Phone Number particular. Represents the first step to creating effective reskilling paths and accelerating digital transformation. This is exactly what Massimo Bollati, Head of Group ICT Governance. Of the Ferrovie Dello Stato Italiane Group did, using the free e-CF (European e-Competence Framework) * framework. «Digital skills. Those of those called to interpret and adopt digital. Digital professionals deal with highly complex issues in the past. We have often turned outside to find them. The SkillUp project, launched last year, was created precisely to help us find a better balance between internal digital skills and those acquired on the market.

keeping skills in line with business needs.

The initiative, which the manager illustrated Italy Phone Number during the conference “The dawn of the planet of machines: the revolution”, organized by AICA Lombardia, responds to three fundamental needs: “First of all, standardize professional profiles in all the companies of the group, so that, for example, a data scientist has a defined set of skills regardless of the company in which they operate, working on a targeted reskilling. The second goal is to find a common vocabulary between the lines of business and HR. The “IT specialist” profile, for example, is a talking description for those involved in HR but not for IT. Because it can cover a very wide range of activities.

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With SkillUp we are working to remedy this gap. The third Italy Phone Number milestone is to define a strong track to follow in the group. Recruitment and assessment plans. Companies will start competing fiercely on hiring and brand attractiveness is key but that’s not all, you also need to know how to retain and retain talent. The possibility of working on continuous training can make a company more attractive than another and the skills of its staff always in line with the needs of the moment ».

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