Marketing Automation: What Is Lead Nurturing?

This is about maintaining or strengthening a relationship between you and your prospects. Its principle is mainly based on a strategy of personalized emails with the aim of accompanying. In a subtle Ghana Phone Numbers List intelligent way, prospects according to their place in the buying cycle (buyer’s journey). Insofar as most of these emails are automated, we will attach to this notion that of marketing automation . In other words, it is marketing automation that will improve the maturity of your prospects. Summary : Do not confuse contact with customer “Traditional” digital marketing. Resulting in communication from the advertiser to the consumer via direct and untimely advertising. no longer works! Today the customer does not simply want to buy to consume.
He aspires to benefit from relevant and interesting content upstream in order. To clearly identify what your company can bring him and that he knows what he adheres to. It is from this observation that Inbound Marketing has developed. Based on a content strategy, the objective is to generate a qualified audience on your website (SEO, Social Media, etc.) and turn them into consumers. However, inbound marketing doesn’t just generate customers. This approach also generates contacts described as “cold”. Prospects who do not want to make a purchase immediately, but who may be your customers tomorrow. Do we still need to support them in their purchasing cycle? That’s the whole point of lead nurturing.

Do Not Confuse Contact With Customer

Purchase cycle: how to go from contact to the customer? convert leads to customers In order to fully understand the approach. You have to imagine lead nurturing as the fact of “taking the hand” of the prospect to guide him towards your offer, following a previously established scenario. This means to bring about a succession of actions leading to the end, to the act of purchase. If your marketing automation strategy has been solidly implemented, you will know which contact you have to make. Where he is in the buying cycle (buyer’s journey) and to which buyer persona he belongs. Depending on this information, you will adapt the content of your mailings. In order to give your prospect the impression that he is receiving personalized communication adapted to his situation .

An intelligent mailing strategy that will be significantly more efficient than a mass mailing. Contact details: the key to starting a lead nurturing process Concretely. How does a lead nurturing process take place? Initially, a contact uploads content to your website or signs up for a newsletter. He thus shares his contact details with you, as well as information on his profile (company size, needs, etc.). It is from this moment that a lead nurturing process is automatically set up. It results in the sending of emails with informative content, or inviting him to download other white papers for example. Below is an example of an automated email based on the principle of lead nurturing. This case depicts a visitor, who after downloading a white paper, is offered to subscribe to a free 15-day offer.

How To Go From Contact To Customer

This action will make it possible to measure his motivation and qualify him while allowing him to discover the offer. “Thank you for downloading our whitepaper now get a 15-day free trial offer to our service at the following link! » In a second more realistic example. A visitor who has downloaded a white paper is offered the opportunity to carry out a self-assessment on his work. In this case, the objective is to make the visitor aware that he might need our services. Thus, he understands for himself that it would be advantageous for him to innovate and replace his way of working. Next step? We present him with a case study or our offer! “Thank you for downloading our white paper have you considered auditing yours. Find a guide on the following link to quickly analyze your current processes yourself!

To qualify your prospects, think lead nurturing generate leads. Thanks to powerful marketing automation software, such as Marketo or Hubspot. It will be easy for you to gradually see the evolution of your contacts in the purchasing process. Depending on their behaviour on the emails sent, their visits to your website, their registrations… it is thus easy to sort the contacts who are reaching maturity from those who seem disinterested in your product! You will no longer waste time sending emails to prospects who do not respond in any way to your communications. And then? Regarding the most qualified contacts, personalization of offers is recommended, but you can also use your phone and call the contact directly. Indeed, if he has opened all your emails and subscribed to different offers.

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