Microsoft’s Vision on Hybrid and Collaborative

We have a strong belief in hybrid working within Microsoft. Our strategy and vision is to find solutions to get the best out of the world in person and remotely. It is in this context that Mesh was born. With the massive Chile WhatsApp Number adoption of tools, we have improved the way we approach the organization of daily work. French working people have gained in quality of professional and personal life with the possibility. Of working from where they want and when they want. This strong personalization requires more flexibility and the collaborative tools that go with it.

Companies and at Microsoft

We strongly believe in the human connection, which remains at the center of concerns in companies and at Microsoft. We don’t think remote meetings are going away. On the contrary, they will be use more and more for more operational needs. Unlike other face-to-face meetings, which will make it possible to work around creativity. A new way to organize a work meeting with Mesh in Teams.

How Will Mesh Work in Teams?

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Chile WhatsApp Number

Since remote meetings and Teams are key in the future of hybrid working. We want to offer experiences that are much more immersive and enjoyable to follow. In particular, it will be possible to change your own visio or video to an avatar, which you can customize to reflect your personality, your state of mind or your mood. And you can move around in an immersive universe, as if you were in a video game.

Users will be able to interact and communicate with other participants in this new space. With all the advantages offered by artificial intelligence. If you speak a language other than that of your interlocutor, his remarks will be automatically translated into your language and will be displayed under his avatar. Depending on your position in the immersive universe and your movements, the closer you get to a person, the more the sound will be accentuated. You thus recreate the link with the avatar of your interlocutor and you will have the same sensations as if you were present in the office.


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