Mobile Application: The Flappy Bird Hit Or The Art

In the world of mobile applications, Flappy Bird is what is called a real hit. The method is simple: a simplistic game that makes players addicted by frustrating players and a little marketing buzz transform a game on which no one would have bet into a No. 1 chart on the App and Google Play. The game was released at the end of 2013, creating a buzz for Jordan Phone Number List reasons. Autopsy. Summary: Inspiration or plagiarism? First of all, from the first game, no one can miss the resemblance between the universe of Flappy Bird and that of the first Mario in color. What gamer hasn’t tried to get into one of the pipes like with the plumber to nab a secret passage. Weird besides that Nintendo has not yet shown the fangs.

Flappy Bird Vs Mario By following the case a little more closely. We discover a big resemblance between Flappy Bird and Piou Piou developed by the French Kek de Zanorg. The latter, meanwhile, reacts to the similarities between the two games but assures “that it will not shit a clock” on Twitter. We still feel a little frustration in his latest tweets. A completely understandable reaction when we know the difficulty of breaking into the world of mobile applications. RT if you think I’m not paranoid Gears Studio. (Pardon?) The application is 100% free and therefore derives its revenue from advertising.

Inspiration Or Plagiarism

This also confirms a market trend that is moving more and more towards this type of model. Flappy Bird thus quickly entered the virtuous circle of mobile applications. There are several rumors that .Gears has bought ratings on the Google Play Store to appear in the charts and thus boost Flappy Bird. Not enough to cause a scandal, many developers use this method to launch their apps. buzz marketing Finally, the recipe from Don Nguyen, the game’s Vietnamese developer, ends with a well-oiled (or not?) marketing buzz. First of all, the publication of its income, then the “rumors” of plagiarism, all that to finally announce, yesterday, the withdrawal of Flappy Bird from the blinds.


Three steps that made the buzz on Twitter where. The game should therefore disappear from the blinds today because the creator would suffer from its success more than anything else. It also clarifies that Flappy Bird is not for sale, that it will continue to make games, and that the game’s removal. Is not due to a legal issue. I am sorry ‘Flappy Bird’ users, 22 hours from now, I will take ‘Flappy Bird’ down. I cannot take this anymore. — Dong Nguyen February 8, 2014 I also don’t sell ‘Flappy Bird’, please don’t ask. Dong Nguyen February 8, 2014 How do you translate “spit in the soup” in Vietnamese? To take away – Article : “How I almost became a millionaire” by Kek in the Huffington Post. – Follow the saga on twitter.

The Game’S Vietnamese Developer

This is no longer possible, and vulgar copies are and will only remain vulgar copies. Piou Piou The shorter the links, the more they will attract attention and facilitate the desire to share. Do you have other interesting URL shorteners to share and integrate into this article? Do not hesitate to share them with us in the comments so that we can integrate them into the article. You will also be able to know its ranking by country. What are the analyzed application’s traffic sources? Similarweb in-store traffic How did Internet users arrive on the page dedicated to the application on the PlayStore or the App Store? Did they arrive via the search engine? Via application rankings? Via the applications highlighted by the store?

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