National strategy for digital skills

Higher education and training, active workforce, ICT specialist skills, and key UAE Phone Number competencies of the future, and citizens.  Finally therefore the spotlight is on Digital Skills. The enhancement of digital skills is now officially one of the strategic priorities of our country.

The state of the art in Italy and priorities in the PA

As Mochi Sismondi pointed out it is now difficult to identify resources with the necessary. Skills to fill the role of Head of Digital Transition (RTD). The executive class does not have the necessary skills to recognize the opportunities for innovation. To coordinate the change processes enabled by digital technologies. Moreover, the people who work in the PA have few tools. High average age, and are not very qualified

As Luca Attias, at the head of the Department for Digital UAE Phone Number Transformation, had already reiterated in the past, Italy is facing. Digital ignorance is indeed a real danger, as underlined by Carlo Mochi Sismondi, President of FPA: “It has a negative impact on the offer of digital services, offered by both the Public and Private.

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