Natural catastrophes

Reflect a greater demand for certain products -especially durable goods-, at certain times of the year. It is opportune then to exhibit these articles more intensely. Short- term opportunities. These are situations Paraguay Phone Number that appear and disappear quickly. But if reacted in time they can bring great benefits. They refer to the appearance of a fad, unforeseen climatic changes, events or even. Natural catastrophes, all situations in which the lack of foresight has caused demand. To exceed supply. It is easy to imagine the importance of setting up a showcase with the products in demand to make their availability known to potential customers quickly.

The frequent and

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Repeated assembly of shop windows requires a significant investment, so it will be convenient to use elements that can be reused. This is the only way to optimize the amounts invested, so that the budget dedicated to window dressing has a downward trend over time. Adaptation and  avoidance of obsolescence. In principle, the showcase is planned with the intention of remaining immovable during the entire time it is intended to be in force, but the vicissitudes of the trade could require an emerging incorporation of articles to the assembly.

This means

That the showcase must necessarily be conceiv in such a way that it allows a later incorporation of products, without diminishing the aesthetic result. Otherwise, the original showcase would become obsolete and the investment would become a useless expense. Therefore, a certain amount of adaptation is necessary to allow a partial modification of the initial composition. Window dressing is still a form of artistic expression like any other, but with its peculiarities, it is undoubtedly exciting. Find out more in the university course on shop windows

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