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For this reason. And as part of the telecommunications industry. We are encouraging companies to strengthen their levels of protection. But also for people to have greater knowledge and tools at their fingertips to protect one of the most valuable things: their personal information. We seek to generate greater digital awareness in people and thus help users build habits of a secure digital life”. Explained carlos carvajal. Manager of products and services of movistar chile. Users more aware and protected in social networks in social networks such as facebook.

Safer behaviors Denmark phone number are observed: 65% of those surveyed have private profiles on this platform. Where. In addition. 6 out of 10 people declare that they control the labels that their friends put on them. For their part. The parents of “digital natives” (between 8 and 17 years old) demonstrate an active role in the digital life of their children. 76% of them declared to be friends with their children on facebook. Likewise. According to their parents. 52% of them have closed profiles on that social network. Meanwhile. Only 2 out of 10 parents have prohibited their children from using any social network and 30% have asked them to remove some content. “while we need to protect multiple devices.

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People also require us to safeguard their identity and digital memories. Perhaps among the most important care is that we must guide our children in these virtual environments. With that in mind. Our vision is to give users comprehensive. Multi-layered protection. So that ‘the bad guys’ no longer have to fight with our protection only on the user’s end machine. But rather we put a stop to their threats sooner. That they reach the devices”. Explains pablo nadeau. Consumer director for latin america at mcafee. Regarding the conclusions of the study.

Denmark phone number

So that users take full advantage of the benefits of technology and can be incorporated in a way more secure to the development of the country’s digital economy. Guiding users in this digital transformation is the contribution we want to make with this study”. Educational campaign for a safe #digitallife based on the research results and identified risks. Tips were developed to guide users in 5 areas: take control of digital life. Improve password management. Secure devices. Identify cybercrime and guide behavior children digital. (see attached infographic with main recommendations). Check out the full study and all the tips for a. The same format used for some time for stories.

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But with longer-lasting content. However. Today. A year later. It decided to adjust to the needs of those who use the platform the most. Giving them the possibility of opting for the traditional horizontal video. 1558877079 jk 1280w new possibilities to take advantage of instagram tv now. Influencers and content creators will have more freedom when choosing their shots and the way they will communicate their creations. Making the platform more attractive to their followers. With this new update. Horizontal videos will fill more screen space when you rotate the phone.

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