New skills: what companies require today.

58% of the workforce will need new skills to do their jobs successfully. This is revealed Canada Phone Number by research conducted by Gartner which highlights how since 2017 the total number. Of skills required for a single job have increased year on year by 10%and one in three competencies featured. The Gartner research thus adds to a large number of studies. That for some time have emphasized the lack of up-to-date professionalism able to make the most of all the opportunities offered by digital transformation.

Skill mismatch, an obstacle to business success

Although several companies are engaging in hiring Canada Phone Number new figures. Not all realities have the economic availability to expand their workforce through hiring. Especially after a period of severe crisis such as that generated by the pandemic. The solution can be found within. An existing workforce retraining process through the development of training projects. “In the current environment, hiring is not possible for many organizations. Companies, on the other hand, can examine current employees who have skills closely similar to those required and use the training to fill any gaps, “he said. Alison Smith, director of Gartner HR practice.

Let’s be clear: the skill mismatch is different from the skill gap, with Canada Phone Number this term means not the absence on the market of potential workers suitable to fill certain roles. But the difference between the skills necessary to perform a specific job and the skills actually in the possession of whoever is responsible for carrying it out. The skill mismatch can be of two types: over-skilled. The exact opposite. In both cases, the skill mismatch poses a threat to the productivity and competitiveness of the company.

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