Not Getting Leads on the Basic Carrot Plan

It gives you a proven, high-converting Carrot website, several custom SEO gadgets, and even a taste of our campaign tracking software. And this collection of goodies works exceptionally well… In the cheap. If you’re in a low-competition market and only want to close one to two deals Switzerland WhatsApp Number every few months, then our Core plan is ideal for your secondary business. If, however, you’re in a competitive market and trying to build a thriving and successful business of 3, 4, or 5+ transactions per month, then the truth is… You will be disappointed with the performance of our Core package… When we created our Core Plan, we invented it for the beginning investor in a low competition market. Unfortunately, many of you – in highly competitive markets with ambitious growth goals – are enrolled in this plan.

Content Packs

I don’t need monthly blog content do you think, I already have a high converting Carrot site… what difference will blog posts make? The answer is simple. Every piece of content we deliver to our clients is optimized to rank for high value keyword. Phrases in search engines. Which means that each piece of content gives your website a new opportunity to rank in Google and drive traffic to your website. According to Neil Patel, across all industries, “year-over-year growth in unique site traffic is 7.8x higher for Content Marketing Leaders than for Subscribers (19.7% vs. 2.5%).” More content = more traffic. But that doesn’t just mean more traffic.

Content Marketing

Switzerland WhatsApp Number
Switzerland WhatsApp Number

It also means more leads in less time and with less work. In fact, having content on your website. Builds trust with prospects and confirms that you are an expert in your market. (image source) And while content marketing isn’t that important when you’re running a side business in a low-competition market, it’s absolutely paramount for ambitious business goals in competitive markets. Now you can blog weekly (4 blog posts per month) and assuming each blog post takes you around 4 hours, that’s 16 hours of your time each month for just 4 blog posts. Or you can hire a private writer to do it for you and pay at least $50/article. If you want to do 4 articles every month, it will cost you $200 for little SEO impact.

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