OGSM Method: Definition, Advantages and Template to Adapt

First appearing in Japan in the early 1950s it was based on the. Total Quality Management method. In other words, The automotive industry. In this article. We invite you to discover everything about the Canada Phone Number List method.  Summary: Definition of the OGSM method: What is it? In other words, methodology OGSM methodology The OGSM model (in English Objectives Goals Strategies and Measures ). Is a tool for designing and communicating. The strategy of a company, a team or a project.

This method is embodied in a concise one-page document.  Objective (Objective). You have to figure out where you want to go. In other words, is essential to define a single common specific and achievable objective. Without goals, you cannot know if the project is bringing the desired results.  In addition Choosing objectives with precision has very important implications for strategy.

What Well-Known Companies Have Used The Ogsm Model?

In other words, Channels and actions must be taken to achieve what has been set. Measures: Measures are used to validate the execution. In other words, strategies throughout the process. Operational activities implement strategies to achieve objectives. Therefore, The metrics analyze and measure the results. In addition The main contribution to the development of the modern OGSM concept. Which translates strategic goals and ideas into organizational. The practice was made by Procter & Gamble. Today, OGSM combines conciseness and clear rules. To develop agree and implement a long-term strategic plan.


Since its introduction in Procter & Gamble the OGSM method. What well-known companies have used the OGSM model? Procter & Gamble; KPN; Reckitt Benckiser Honda. March MetLife Triumph International. Therefore, Procter & Gamble (P&G) provides an example of how these ideas translate into organizational practice. AG Lafley, CEO of P&G. In other words, Uses the OGSM tool to provide a framework to organize discussions about goals and strategic direction.

What Are The Benefits Of Implementing The Ogsm Approach?

What are the benefits of implementing the OGSM approach?  It is a methodology that begins with a common goal. In other words,  This allows each level of the organization to understand what its contribution to the project is. Which is a huge motivation for all components. In other words, A commitment of the different actors involved in the project. Strategic planning is essential to undertake any type of project. even digital Here are some concrete benefits of the OGSM approach. The brevity of the approach facilitates the monitoring of objectives and progress.

Targets are based on real-world metrics (customers, markets, and products). Optimization of long-term thinking and planning. In other words, The approach is easy to scale and revise based on unexpected organizational or market changes. The process of developing, approving and implementing the OGSM requires interaction. The model prioritizes execution and helps the organization fill capacity gaps. In other words, The method helps in the implementation of. In other words, strategy by identifying the persons in charge. The indicators and the deadlines. Therefore, They only have to import extensions that are compatible and validated by the Firefox store…

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