Summer limited! Earth-friendly appetizers that linger on the tongue with herbs

In recent years, the awareness of being friendly to the earth has risen, and we are more and more concerned about whether the daily necessities that are closely related to us, in addition to being safe and non-toxic, can also contribute to the sustainable development of the earth. In other words, the discussion and practice of food safety. Or environmental protection issues has been elevated from. “Consumers can use it with peace of mind” to “reduce harm to the environment during production”. Such a progressive awareness. Of the earth’s inhabitants is not only due to our greatly improved sensitivity and acceptance of environmental information, but also thanks to many companies with a sense

100% pollution-free herbs from

Taitung City Since the first day of its establishment, Futong Garden has been making continuous efforts for Panama Phone Number environmental protection. Nature and non-toxicity. Because Futong Garden has seen how chemical pesticides and fertilizers exploit our land. And even form environmental hormones, causing harm to the human body. This is why Futong Garden is willing to use the oldest and slowest natural farming method that can coexist peacefully with the earth, and cooperate with local small farmers in Taitung to grow herbs.

This year, the whole family has further

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Added the natural herbs of Futong Garden to the dishes. And the aroma and deliciousness can be eaten with peace of mind. In addition to promoting natural farming methods. Futong Garden also has a fair sales system. Slowly but surely, we can create and restore the diversity of our land; at the same time, take care of the land and small farmers, so that the environment can develop sustainably.

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